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Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single Girl or Guy

Valentine’s Day (14th February) is just round the corner and is traditionally marked for celebrating love and romance. As things change to fit modern times, it is now celebrated by everyone whether single, dating, engaged or married.

If you are SINGLE and not in a relationship, here are some fun ideas of things you can do so you do not feel left out of this celebration:

  1. Valentine’s Day getaways packages are not just for couples. Take advantage of the great spa and hotel packages offered this time of year. Have a fun girls or guys weekend break away from your normal routine.
  1. Make it a movie night. Pick a movie or theatre performance that is lively and upbeat. Invite a friend and go out for a drink or cup of coffee and dessert afterwards!
  2. Treat yourself. There is no reason you cannot splurge on something indulgent if your budget permits. Go shopping with a friend and spoil yourself.
  3. Laugh together. Laughter has a wonderful way of elevating our mood. Remember to include humour into your celebration by inviting your friend(s) over, get some popcorn, and watch your favourite comedian on television or rent a funny or lighthearted movie/DVD.
  4. Cook/ Dine together.Valentine’s Day is one of the worst nights to go out to dinner as restaurants are so busy. Why not have everyone bring something for the table, or prepare a meal at home by choosing a simple recipe, get together in the kitchen and get cooking!

Enjoying time with your friends or family should not be a once a year event. Engage in simple courtesies that are appreciated and reciprocated any day of the year and it will not only strengthen your relationships, but make you a blessing to someone who may otherwise have felt unloved or lonely.

Have a look at our blog post Random Acts of Kindness to get more ideas of things you can continue to do after Valentine’s day.

Also, look out for our upcoming event Evening of Etiquette for Singles. For more details please join our free community.

Wishing you all a lovely Valentine’s Day and keep us posted on what you ended up doing with your friends or if you have any other great ideas to share.


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