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The School of Etiquette

Ski Etiquette

Ski etiquette is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. If you’re heading to the slopes this winter, here are five tips to keep in mind:

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Give other skiers space:
Give others plenty of space, especially beginners who may need extra room to navigate. Be courteous and respectful to fellow skiers and riders.

If you need to stop, move to the side of the trail so you don’t become a hinderance to those around you.

When getting up after a fall, be aware of your surroundings and re-enter the trail safely.
Remember, good etiquette contributes to a positive and safe skiing experience for everyone on the slope.

Follow the Skier Responsibility Code:
Familiarise yourself with the set guidelines designed to promote safety on the slopes. The code includes rules such as staying in control, yielding to others, and being aware of posted signs and warnings.

Respect Signs and Markings:
In line with the previous point, pay attention to trail signs, markers, and closures. These indicate important information such as trail difficulty, potential hazards, and closed areas. Ignoring these signs can lead to unsafe situations for yourself and others.

Yield to the Skier Below:
When merging onto a trail or overtaking another skier, it’s your responsibility to avoid them as they have the right of way. Yield to the skier below, and make your intentions clear by using hand signals or calling out before passing.

Respect the Uphill Skier:
When on the slopes, always be aware of uphill skiers. They also have right of way, so be cautious and yield to them. This is particularly important when merging onto a trail or if a trail narrows out.



Prioritise safety over speed:

Always prioritise safety and show consideration for others enjoying the slopes and always remember to keep your helmet on at all times.

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