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Random Acts of Kindness – Work

People you work with should not be exempt from receiving random acts of kindness from you. Below are a few ideas:

1.Eat lunch with someone new:

Break the mould and do something different by deciding to lunch with someone new. You will get to know other people in your organisation a little better and who knows, you may have a lot in common.

  1. Praise or compliment your colleagues:

Send a random email or leave a post it note on your co-workers desk, just complimenting or praising them. This will definitely make them feel appreciated and it shows that someone notices what they do and the effort they put into their work.

  1. Get the tab:

Eating out for lunch? …Why not randomly surprise your colleague(s) and pick up the tab, even if it is just for the drinks.

  1. Help a struggling colleague:

Oftentimes people may struggle with their workload or even just the work in general. If you know you can help out, then offer a helping hand. This can help take a huge weight off their shoulder.

  1. Be friendly with the newbie:

If someone new just joined your team, go out of your way to make them feel welcome and comfortable. This will help ease the initial nerves they may have and they are very likely to remember how you reached out to them.

  1. Special treats for the team:

It doesn’t have to be your birthday or a special event before you take in treats for your team.

  1. Help out an unemployed friend:

If you have a friend that is currently seeking work, you can help them in the process. If you are skilled with proofreading or editing, offer to review their CV and if you are in a position to do so, refer them for a job at your workplace.

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We would love for you to share what random act of kindness you did for your co-workers. How did it make that person feel afterwards? Please leave your comments below or tag us using the hashtag #TSERAK

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