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Random Acts of Kindness – Friends

Continuing on the theme of ‘Random Act of Kindness’, today’s focus will be on ‘Friends’ and the thoughtful things you could do to brighten their day.

1.Be a listening ear:

Sometimes all a friend wants is a listening ear, not for you to do anything or even try to solve their problem, but just to listen.

  1. Be there through their challenges:

People often face difficult challenges at different stages in life and as a good friend, supporting them through this period might be just what they need.

3.Day out:

Surprise them with a lovely girly day out to a spa treatment or something equivalent. For the guys, go karting, golf sessions or even a meal out together will be appreciated.

  1. Fill up their tank:

If you are out and about with your friend, offer to pay for their travel or fill up their fuel tank.

  1. Gift voucher:

Pop a gift voucher of their favourite shop in the post.

  1. Spontaneous messaging:

Randomly text your friend an appreciative message of how much they mean to you. This act will solidify your friendship with them, as it shows you care about them.


We would love for you to share what random act of kindness you think would be amazing to do for someone (not necessarily a friend). Please leave us a comment and we may feature your act and remember to tag us using the hashtag #TSERAK

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