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Phone Etiquette

Phone Etiquette

Proper telephone etiquette is a necessity not only at home but also in the work place.

It can be the first impression a person has of you and remember, first impressions count. The person at the other end can tell your mood from your tone of voice so take the time to speak clearly and slowly. Here are a few tips to get you going:

* If you are engaged in conversation with someone and your phone rings, avoid taking the call. If the call is urgent, ask the person if is OK for you to be excused, informing them of the urgency of the call.

* Do not add people that do not know each other to a WhatsApp group you have created. If you want to create a group, it is well mannered to get the person(s) authorisation prior to adding them, as some people may not want to be included in such group chats.

* Do not constantly have your phone out while you are with guests. It can be very rude as it signifies a lack of interest in their company. In addition, refrain from speaking on your phone at the dinner table whilst at home or in a restaurant.

* Similarly, if you are on a call to someone and another call comes in, finish off your conversation before attending to the new call. Do not put the initial caller on hold while you speak to the other person. You can call the person back.

If you are on a phone call and you know you are expecting another call to come through, you should notify the person you are talking to prior to the call.

* Always turn off your mobile phone or switch it to silent before entering a meeting or any other place where it would constitute a distraction to other people if it rang.

* Where possible, try to use headphones on public transport. Just because you like a specific genre of music does not mean everyone else will subscribe to it, especially if it is being played loudly.

Finally, it is nice to have face-to-face interaction and conversations with people. You should unplug once in a while and not constantly have your face buried in your device.


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