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Guest at a dinner party

Have you been invited to a dinner party?Christmas Dinner

…Here are a few practical tips for you

  1. RSVP promptly. Responding to an invitation enables your host to accurately plan the food, beverages, seating and activities. Once you have accepted an invitation, endeavor to attend.
  1. Arrive on time, not too early and not too late.
  1. Never go empty handed. Take an appropriate gift for your host, i.e. a box of chocolate. Avoid gifts like a bottle of wine or flowers [sign up to our FREE newsletter, to find out why these may not be appropriate gifts for a dinner party].
  1. If the party is a formal sit down dinner, then you may find this basic cutlery placement diagram useful.[Providing non-verbal communication to your host or waiter].


  1. In a formal setting, avoid using your phone. You may come across as disengaged, uninterested or even bored.
  1. If it is an office dinner party, mingle and feel free to talk about things outside of work i.e. family, hobbies and sport. Drink responsibly. The more you drink, the more likely you are to do or say something you will regret.
  1. Try to actively engage in conversation and show enthusiasm. This can help the dinner party flow well and put the host at ease.
  1. Never outstay your welcome. Do not become a burden by staying longer than necessary, and know when it is time to go. No matter how close you are to the host, they may not know how to tell you to leave.
  1. Always remember to thank your host. For an extra special touch, send them a hand-written thank you card.

Finally, It’s Christmas – so go ahead, have fun and enjoy yourself!


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