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The School of Etiquette

General Festive Pointers

As we are close to rounding up our 12 Days to Christmas Etiquette, here are some general tips/ rules that you may benefit from as you are out and about in this festive period.

• As you sign off your last Christmas cards, avoid writing X-mas especially because its taking Christ out of Christmas and for many, it is a religious celebration. So stick to writing the word fully.

• If you ‘invite’ someone out to dinner, you should prepare to pay, as an invitation means that you will be providing.

• Do not turn up to someone’s house on Christmas day without prior notice. This can be very inconvenient for them and make them uncomfortable, especially if they are not prepared for your visit.

• A lot of toasting goes on during this festive season, especially around New Year’s Day/Eve. Make the toast all about the host(s) and not about yourself. The best toasts are short and to the point.

• Clinking of glasses can be avoided when there are more than six people round a table because the logistics don’t allow for clicking everyone’s glass without walking round the table.

• As you celebrate, you may engage in conversation with someone that you do not know very well, avoid certain topics or questions such as age, religion, politics or medical issues.

• Finally, enjoy yourselves and you can’t go wrong as you stick to the tips we’ve posted up in the last 12 days.

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