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The School of Etiquette

Garden Etiquette

As summer is around the corner, a lot of people are doing up and spending more time in their gardens.
Whilst I also spent the weekend sprucing up my front yard, I was reminded of how etiquette affects every aspect of our lives; even down to being in a garden.

Here are 3 ‘Garden Etiquette’ tips:

1. Stay off the grass:
A lot of people take pride in and put a lot of effort into making their lawns look good. Please bear this in mind when visiting people’s properties and where applicable  use the footpath.

2. Keep rubbish for the bin:
Avoid chucking litter on or in front of people’s front gardens/ properties and be mindful of where you allow your dogs to toilet.

3. Admire but do not touch:
Have you ever seen a beautiful garden with pretty flowers and/ or fruits hanging from a tree and been tempted to go on a plucking spree?
…If you do not have permission from the owner, then do not give into that temptation because not only is it considered bad etiquette, in essence it is also a form of stealing.

Don’t forget that complimenting the owner of a beautiful garden whenever the opportunity arises will always be appreciated and could also be the first step to forming new relationships.

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