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About Us



We offer a good mix of traditional values with modern etiquette to create the right balance for your success. We’re committed to providing you with the relevant tools and resources that’ll give you the confidence to excel in any social situation.

As long as you want to improve your skills and become more excellent in your endeavours, then we’re here to help.

About Atinuke

Atinuke is the Founder and Director of The School of Etiquette.

With about 25+ years of experience as a Speaker, Event Planner and Trainer, she’s provided group training and private consultations to Business Professionals, Organisations, Charities, Children and Educational Institutions.

Atinuke feels strongly about the necessity for children, teens and young adults to be taught proper manners and social skills and believes that mastering important life skills are crucial to developing character, self-esteem and confidence.

She is trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington and Etiquette Moms. She’s also featured on BBC Essex and Premier Radio in the UK.

She’s a member of the European Professional Women Network, the International Association of Professional Etiquette Consultants and has a BA Arch, Dip Arch in Architecture. Outside of etiquette, she lectures internationally, a published author and loves to cook and travel.

She’s married, a mother of three children and has three grandchildren.


About Antoinette

Antoinette who is an authority in Personal Development, is also a certified Etiquette Consultant and has worked alongside Atinuke for 12+ years teaching Etiquette.

Having previously worked in the Corporate, Public and Educational sectors, and being a former Law Lecturer with a degree in LL.B Law, she has a keen interest in helping graduates and young professionals outshine their competition and excel in their careers.

She is also the Founder of The Confident Woman, a platform dedicated to Encouraging, Empowering and Educating women on how they can live more confident lives.

Antoinette is married with two beautiful children and enjoys travelling, eating good food and is always up for a new challenge and adventure.