The School of Etiquette
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1) At a sit down dinner, which side does one serve meals & drinks?
The food is served at the left side, and your used plate is removed from the right. A way to remember it is LL/RR which means, leave it at left, remove it from right.
2) How does one eat and make conversation at the same time at the dinner table without appearing offensive?
Avoid controversial subjects such as religion, politics and sex. Listen to others more than you talk and chew with your mouth closed.
3) I usually place my coffee/glass cup upside down to indicate to the server l don’t want any beverage or drink. Does this rule still apply today?
To indicate you don’t want beverage, simply gesture by placing your hand slightly above the glass/cup. If you’re poured a drink and you don’t care to drink it, just let it sit and enjoy the rest of your meal.

4) I am making a presentation to a very high profile business group, could you give me some quick tips please.
Walk with confidence, Give firm handshakes, Have a pleasant facial expression, Give eye contact, smile. Express thanks and appreciation at the end.
5) Is it necessary to send a birthday gift to someone whose party you can’t attend?
Proper etiquette is to RSVP your regrets. Sending a card on its own or with a gift certificate enclosed is a good idea and reflects good manners.