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Below Are Our Current Programmes


Please feel free to contact us if you require more information on any of our programmes below, or for our forthcoming course dates and events.


Private Training

Our private programme provides individuals, couples, families and small groups the opportunity for one-to-one consultations with maximum flexibility.


Corporate Etiquette

Manners have become as integral to your professional image as your technical knowledge. Having good social skills not only provide a nicer working environment, it also pays off in promotions, raises and overall recognition. Good business etiquette is a powerful tool that provides one the cutting edge advantage in the business arena.


Student/Graduate & Young People

We offer the training and advice you need to get the best possible start on your career. Learning skills for success, job interviews, dating – we can help you lay the foundation for excellence in life.


‘Manners Matter’ for Teens (11-17)

Teenagers learn how to develop good character: the right way to show respect, thoughtfulness and kindness in social situations. They are taught how to build confidence and self-assuredness and are introduced to academic interviews, formal occasions, posture, poise and employment.


‘Manners Matters’ for Children (7-11)

Children learn the importance of social and dining etiquette. Children who complete our training are confident when faced with numerous social situations.


‘Manners Matter’ for Children (5-7)

We make use of role playing, fun and hands-on workshops to teach children proper manners.

“You Never Get A Second Chance, To Make A First Impression”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Dining Etiquette

The ABC’s of dining are taught to children, teens, young adults and professionals. This course will help you master the dining experience. Never again will crystal, china and flatware intimidate you.


Etiquette for Adults (Ladies & Gentlemen)

Learn important life skills.

This course is an introduction to essential Social Etiquette and will make you confident in your personal and professional life.



We customize our training to meet your specific needs. Special breakfast meetings, Dinners and a wide range of stimulating, challenging and inspiring topics can be incorporated in our Seminars/Training sessions.


One Day Course For Ladies

Designed for ladies, this course enables you to master the key components that make you a woman of style and grace.


Weekend Retreat for Women

A weekend for women to spend time away from the pressures of home, work and life.
It’s a time to relax, rewind, refresh and be pampered. It’s really great fun.


Wedding Etiquette

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Let us partner with you and cover all the topics you will need to help make your day as perfect as it can be.

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